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Polly’s song Pehenjo Polly Phenji Sindh’ is stirring the internet with millions of views

The rich culture of Pakistan is meant to be celebrated and appreciated, and the Sindh Culture Day is one such occasion. We witnessed many campaigns and songs associated with the day but Polly’s song titled Pehenjo Polly Phenji Sindh’ undoubtedly stole the show.
It is not so frequent in Pakistan that a campaign creates a buzz for good reasons but this song has managed to do so. The juice brand Polly by Popular group is immensely loved and enjoyed by the masses especially in the interior Sindh, and by releasing such a brilliant composition and production on the Sindh Culture Day, Popular Group has imprinted its relationship with the people of Sindh.
Sung and composed by acclaimed singer and lyricist Shuja Haider, the song is both an audio and visual treat. The lyrics are all about the beauty and richness of Sindhi culture, its splendid celebrations, the opulent festivities and the immaculate craftsmanship of Sindhi Ajrak and topi. The best part is that it is an entirely original creation and not a remix of one of the old folk songs of Sindh, which shows the brand’s commitment to promoting our culture.

Polly by Popular group has treated its audience on this occasion which has already scored millions of views on the internet within just two days of its release and the numbers are rising every minute. Youtube has crossed 1 million views and Facebook is about to reach 5 million views. You can easily gauge the impact this song is creating, by watching famous blogger Irfan Junejo’s video about it who is going all gaga in praising the efforts conducted by the brand.
It would be correct to say that Polly like its slogan ‘Sip of Zindagi’ gave Pakistanis a ‘Sip of Sindhi Culture’ as a gift on the occasion of Sindh Culture Day.

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