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4 Sunday braids for Mondays

4 Sunday braids for Mondays

Sundays are the days when everyone is lazy and just want to rest all day. Girls can find a way out to fix their hair without blow drying or straightening them. Recently, Instagram came up with a new page called “woven twin braids” that is really attractive for every girl who is school going or is a working lady.

Model Josephine Skriver celebrated every inch of her brunette lengths with the type of plaits that give a favorite sweatshirt a best shot. Yara Shahidi’s utmost pigtails are the kind of style that one might only find time to craft on a lazy Sunday but that lasts longer than a blowout, a side benefit that’s hardly lost on Princess Nokia. On the other hand, Ruby Aldridge took the schoolgirl favorite all the way to the red carpet, leaving no doubt that when it’s time to get it together for the office come Monday morning, it’s the hair gift that keeps on giving.

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