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A car which money cannot buy ?


Do you know about a car which you cannot buy with money! Yeah it is true don’t be surprised, well to own  this elite Car having money is not just enough, the car company sells cars only to the customers they like and no one else, yes it’s the one and only Rolls Royce.


Rolls Royce, The Luxury Car maker located does not sell car to anyone who can buy, Rolls Royce sells their cars only to the customers they like, This Car maker has a  process to see if the Applicant can really be honored with a Rolls Royce, Generally they offer their cars to celebrities, Businessmen and Other Famous personalities. Rolls Royce won’t sell you their car until you have police clearance it’s a complete no for those who do not have a clean history .

rolls 1

You have to earn a Rolls Royce you can’t buy one, there is no surprise saying You can’t Buy a Rolls Royce just with money!!

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