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Khaled Anam launches infotainment YouTube channel for kids

The channel is a “fun, entertaining way to attract the younger generation to know their own national language, Urdu.”

“CEEP is Urdu for an oyster and I consider our children to be like pearls. Just as an oyster nurtures and cares for a pearl, at CEEP, we would like to take care of the children in a nice easy happy manner,” the singer said. He hopes to collaborate with people who are involved in child development, such as doctors and teachers to make the sessions more interactive in the future.

Veteran actor Khaled Anam is playing his own special role for the edutainment of children in Pakistan through his YouTube channel

According to the Kahi Unkahi actor, “Kids today, even we as children, our mothers and fathers have been singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’, ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’. For how long? Something’s happened to us, we don’t respect Urdu… We will only stand out as a successful and stronger country when we start learning and taking pride in our own language.”

The singer also explained his struggle of running behind television channels to have a specific, designated channel for children. “It’s all around the world, but in our country, for some reason children are the least important, most ignored part of the population.”

Through this little effort, he hopes to create a connection between the generations and the Urdu language.

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