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We Need More Men Like Him, He’s Love!

Love stories are real and so does love at first sight. Every girl dreams of a man who loves her and praises her for what she is, and this is exactly what Shahid Kapoor did for Mira Rajput.

The moment they got married, young girls made Shahid Kapoor their ‘Man Goal’. People fell in love with them again when Shahid recently spoke about Mira to Filmfare, and declared that he is falling in love with her… a bit more every day.

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The first time they met at a friend’s farmhouse in Delhi, they spoke for seven hours. They went for a walk outside where sun was setting behind her and Shahid realised that her eyes were not dark but had a hazel tinge.

That was the moment,he felt that he could actually marry her. But, also told himself, ‘What are you thinking? Bees saal ki hai (yeh), besharam!’

This is the cutest thing a guy can do for a girl, I wish every girl good luck with their man search.

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