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Noman Baig and Alizeh Shah- Did they break up?

We all know the gorgeous and the young couple, Alizeh Shah and Noman Baig. They were pretty good together, madly in love, all over each other Instagram, commenting on every post, giving shoutouts on their posts, ahh love was in the air!!

But however, the fans noticed that something wasn’t right over the past few weeks. There was complete silence for quite some time, no posts together, no comments, NOTHING!  Also, secondly, both of them unfollowed each other from Instagram this left the fans and viewers in shock and curious as to what is actually going on

The recent news that cleared many doubts was the beautiful Alizeh shah posted a picture with her dog with a very direct caption saying that the ‘ the story is over.’ Hmm, what is all this about? I mean if it isn’t obvious that something definitely is up between these two. What the actual gossip is we don’t know, but let’s just wait for the next blast on the most talked-about couple

Well, I am as curious as you are!!

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