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Trapped- A story of an egoistic boy

Trapped- A story of an egoistic boy

Trapped is a movie that revolves around a happy go lucky guy, who exploits everyone from his parent to his friends and even his girlfriend who is emotionally attached to him. The movie is directed by Umair Iqbal khan and produced by Hisham Rizvi and Shazad Awan.

It is a Raging Bull Entertainment’s presentation along with an association with Alive Film Studios, the Media Mansion, City Films, ZR Films & Evergreen and Raging Bull Boxing Club.

The boy belongs to a rich family and is the only son of his parent who lives in Pakistan in his apartment with a companion, and that companion is a parrot, who is basically his ego.

The plot of the movie is super exciting and has some powerful message indicating that ego is defensiveness about oneself. It’s self-protection.  It’s not “the worst thing,” and there are times when focusing on it can be helpful, but the problem is, it tends to overpower or conflict with other agendas, which can cause us to step on our own feet.

On this note, we wish the whole team best of luck for their future endeavors and projects.

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