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What is happening in my world full of animals?

I was 13 when I became a cat mom and genuinely started to get moved from every small to big acts of them be it from teething on my favorite shoe or pooping on the mat outside the litter. They just never provoked me to get mad or stop loving them. I started to develop feelings of a mother and considered my cat to be my daughter but no, my love was not just limited towards my cat or my beautiful parrot in the balcony but towards all. I started getting very affectionate towards animals and wanted to pet literally all of them that ever exist had it been humanly possible, trust me I would actually.


I would cross by the walking path and see a dog craving for food or a cat struggling to pass the road while running on the streets, I would give them food and pet them enough to give them what they need and what they deserve. They deserve love.

There have been many recent incidents in which pets were harmed to an extent that they passed away, something so bad was done with was not in any way human to me and I’m sure won’t be to you either.

A very recent event happened in Hyderabad that a man recorded a whole video while he brutally burnt a small kitten alive. The kitten ran as far as it could be covered up in the fire. Can there be something crueler in this world? What did the kitten do to that man which led him to do this? Nobody knows and the fun fact is nobody wants to know either because there are no justifications for something like this and shouldn’t either.



Another event which just clicked my mind was the cow incident, in the name of slaughtering you are throwing a cow from a crane? Many actors and famous personalities were provoked to comment on this and were disgusted the same way I am while writing this. This cow that I am talking about was actually kept for around 2 years with the family and it was being looked after just fine and when the time of Eid approached near, they chose to bring a crane so they can bring the cow down and throw it on the ground? I mean, could they not slaughter the innocent animal on the same floor they brought it up for 2 years! I am disgusted at our people, are these even people?


I mean, I can take forever and keep on writing about so many incidents which prove animals are not loved, cared and there are no animal rights served but to keep it short and simple I would mention another recent event to give you a clear image of our non-merciful citizens. Did you hear about the cat rape by a group of young boys? Yes, sounds not only inhuman but also unrealistic. However, there are proofs and videos of all the three incidents I mentioned. This baby kitten was bought by a family in Lahore and it was being raped repeatedly by their son. A kitten, sized as your palm was raped. I shivered when I first read about it and almost cried when I saw its pictures. These kinds of people and this mentality exists.


In this world, where animals are not loved and respected, where animal rights are not served, where humanity does not exist. Do you actually expect women to be respected? We talk about women being raped because they expose themselves and invite men, then please tell me; did that kitten invite the boy?

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