Home meets Style inspires ideas to revamp your home for this Eid season

    home meets style

    Destination of choice for every Karachite, Dolmen Mall is not just hub of leading apparel and accessories brands but also hosts of a variety of home and furnishing options. Yet again, Home Meets Style, Dolmen Mall’s annual signature event is back from 18th April to 22nd April, where furniture brands like Habitt, Interwood, Adore, Index, Fotile, East West Connections, Object, and Ideas Home are offering a vast variety of home and office specific products in addition to bathroom, garden and kitchen accessories, and award-wining design fittings. We challenge the shopaholic in you to suppress your desire to redesign, remodel and redecorate your space!

    Here are 7 whimsical ideas to make the most of your visit to Home Meets Style prior to the Eid season:

    1. Garden furnishing

    Yes, we missed spring altogether and landed in a sweltering summer, but since every silver cloud has a lining…. nothing can be more satisfying than beating the power outages with lemonade, light summer breeze amongst your loved ones in your outdoor paradise.

    Spruce up your garden or backyard into a fancy post iftaar hangout; add light weight furniture including hammocks, foot stools and portable tables. Add in ambient lighting through old school lanterns scattered around potted plants. Don’t forget to scout for a fancy mosquito repellent camouflaging container!

    2. Living Room

    Hub of Iftaar parties, post iftaar hang outs, Eid meet ups – the insight into you for the outer world must exude elegance through a self-defining lounge or living room.  Revamp your common living areas by making it functional yet reflective. Add light coloured furniture pieces with mix and match cushions, beg your elders to let go of the crystals and bring out chunky silver, metallic and wood decoration statements.

    Add mirrors with well looked after indoor plant to make your living area look bigger, brighter and welcoming!

    3. Study

    There can be no better place of reflection and learning than a study, prepare it for you own me time right before or after sehri when you are praying, reciting, reading or listening to religious teachings. Make sure you have the right lighting and long use chair, the prayer mat has an underlay or carpet under it so that your knees are well rested; get some nice smelling incense and perhaps wireless headphone or speakers.

    4. Bathroom

    Out with the old, in with the new – it’s a bathroom! Overhaul your bathroom with a new towel set and spa styled fragrance options, soap dispensers, moisturizers. Pay attention to hygiene and practicality, make a need based replacement of life-sized mirrors, add in a combination of spot lights and warm lights.

    Identify the right combination of tooth brush holders, railings, anti-slip floor mats, laundry basket, door hangers – don’t forget to train your hired help to maintain the look, feel and hygiene of these things.

    5. Dining room

    Admit it, the happiest we are during Ramadan and Eid is when everyone comes together on the table to feast for sehri and iftaar. If your dining table chairs are heavy replace them, if you think the table is too long and you can’t make it to the samosas before your sibling’s attack, act now and replace it with a right sized table.

    Make an addition of a trolley or console to stack up newly purchased crockery. Earn some serious brownie points at home by buying serving dishes or trays, fancy cutlery and always broken, ahem.. needed: jugs and glasses.

    6. Bedroom

    Personalize your personal area to make the most of shorter working hours. Whether to catch some shuteye, rolling on the bed flipping channels or chatting on the phone – the bed has an integral role to play!

    This Ramadan and Eid season, change your bedroom set as it’s so affordable during Home Meets Style. Get brilliant offers on pillow, duvet and bedding set; boost your health and energy with Himalayan salt lamp, Oudh, scented candles.

    7. Kitchen

    NOW NOW is the perfect time to remodel your kitchen, change the cabinets, and buy new kitchen organizers. Say goodbye to used plastic ice-cream and takeaway dabas, have mercy on your health and hygiene, equip your kitchen with new microwavable storage solutions, bottles and ice cube trays.

    Add trendiness and fun into the kitchen with add ons and accessories from Habbit, Hyperstar and Objects – once you go and see, you will understand!