Komal Rizvi sings her heart out at 2018 USA tour

    komal rizvi

    The singer-songwriter Komal Rizvi who recently made a comeback locally and has once again been performing live as well as singing covers for her Pakistani fans has not abandoned her US fan following either. While trending locally with her latest mashup with Siddharth Slathia, she has returned to the US to complete her tour with back to back live concerts.

    Beginning with her performance on August 11 in Houston, she followed it with a performance on August 18 in Chicago, August 19 in New Jersey while Virginia awaits her performance on September 1.

    Komal took the stage in a beautiful Tabassum Mughal outfit on her first show in Houston as she sung old and beautiful classical numbers. Komal Rizvi stole the show again in Chicago with her soulful performance and got a much appreciated response in New Jersey too. More such songs will be lighting up the crowd’s moods in Virginia with singalong tracks that her fans enjoy.

    This year Komal Rizvi has already done more than a dozen concerts internationally and at the rate she is going it looks like she will be doing many more in the days to come.

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