Sidra Iqbal joined South Asian Conference on hygiene and cleanliness as the lead moderator

sidra iqbal

Promoting goodwill for the masses, Sidra Iqbal has always been a part of campaigns and programs that create awareness for the betterment of people. Sidra is also the Curator of Raabta ~ a public diplomacy initiative by Serena, that is focused on inclusive and informed dialogues on the themes of Culture, Economy and Future.

Sidra will be the lead moderator at the South Asian Conference on Sanitation (SACOSAN) hosted by Pakistan happening in Islamabad. The conference is focused on South Asia Sanitation Plan 2030. It’s an honor for Pakistan to host such a conference for the second time, which will create awareness for the masses suggesting the solutions too. Previously it was held in 2006 in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Sidra Iqbal has always been an inspiration for many and has never misses the opportunity to spread social awareness.