1 year later, how we are remembering Qandeel Baloch!

qandeel baloch first death anniversary

Rebellious Qandeel Baloch was not only controversial but also dared to go against this society and killed all the norms.  When she was alive people mocked her, tried to pull her down and even banned her from their respectable mediums.

Soon after her sudden and unfair demise, the same people started supporting her views, making biopics and even dedicated a page “Qandeel ki Kahani” about her life stories. And when she was banned from facebook, they all celebrated as if it was spreading ‘hatred’. Media made false news about her and this is why her mother blames media for Qandeel’s death.

She wanted to become famous and most of us actually made her a star through our hatred and anger. We shared her clips, her pictures and her statuses and then complained how she became so well-known within no time.

Today at her first death anniversary, this question arises is this the way we should treat people and their views? There are a lot of ‘Qandeel Baloch’ in our society because she was a dirty truth which can’t be ignored and after her death she is still alive.


Aun Muhammad

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