13 Reasons Why – Is it really thought provoking or just horrible?

13 Reasons Why - Is it really thought provoking or just horrible?

By: Mohammad Uneeb Khan Yousufzai

13 Reasons Why is an American drama mystery. The story revolves around the suicide of a teenage girl, Hannah Baker played by new comer Katherine Langford and Clay Jensen portrayed by Dylan Minnette.

Clay Jenson comes home one day to find a mysterious box lying on his porch, in which there are seven double side tapes recorded by Hannah who had tragically taken her own life. On the tape are the thirteen reasons as to why she took her own life, her instructions were clear – each person who receives a package is one of the reasons she killed herself. If anyone tries to break this chain, a separate set of tapes will be released to the public.

Now even though the show has received largely positive feedback and has been renewed for a second season, I personally think they should have just kept it to season one. Even though people around gave 13 Reasons a thumbs up, I would give it the opposite.

The show I believe is very depressing and as far as I can tell the target audience were teenagers, why would anybody want their kids to be depressed? The show lacks a sense of being able to be a teenager, and even though the message these producers or directors are trying to portray is important, the graphic depiction of issues such as suicide and rape have ruined quite a bit for me. I have a sibling who is a teenager and I would not want him to watch this show.

So, all in all, for me this show is depressing, horrible and doesn’t deserve the hype that it got from all over the world.


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