’13 Reasons Why’ becomes a reality, Teenager attempts suicide

A 23 year old boy in Peru has recently attempted suicide and left behind recordings, inspired by the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

According to the reports; Franco Medrano jumped from the balcony of his fourth floor apartment after yelling “I can’t stand a heartbreak.” His mother was present during the act.

Medrano, however, survived the fall, yet pronounced dead as soon as he reached the hospital.

Police found two suicide notes in his home, one to a woman named Claudia and another listing names of people for whom he had recorded tapes, claiming these people were the ones who caused him to commit suicide.

While neither of the notes directly referenced 13 Reasons Why, leaving behind tapes for people after suicide is the main plot point of the Netflix hit.

A Canadian school is even attempting to ban students from talking about the series, and according to mental health organizations this show is dangerous to those who are already at risk.

Netflix must strengthen the trigger warnings in an effort to stop vulnerable people from watching something that could be harmful to their mental health.


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