15-year-old Saudi girl proposed a headscarf emoji

15-year-old Saudi girl, Rayouf Alhumedi proposed a headscarf emoji to the unicode consortium the organisation that develops and reviews new emojis.
If her emoji gets approval, it will be available in 2017.
Royouf wrote an email after reading an article on emoji design, she discussed her idea in the email. She soon got a reply from the team offering her to help her draft a final proposal.
In an interview Rayouf Al Humedhi said that she felt “alienated” when her non-Muslim buddies used emojis in representing themselves in a group chat on WhatsApp, a messaging app. I wanted something to represent me, alongside the millions of women who wear the headscarf every day, and pride themselves on wearing the headscarf.”
The drafting committee hopes to show a final version of the proposal to Unicode in November.
We hope her proposal gets accepted.


Yumna Tirmizi

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