2017 is surely going to be Urwa Hocane’s year

Urwa hocane

Urwa Hocane is one of the finest actresses of our industry. After giving back to back hit serials and appearing on big screen, she has become the most favorite celebrity of Pakistan. Her wedding with Farhan Saeed was the most trending one on social media and not only in Pakistan but her fans all over the world were connected through the whole affair.

This year she is all set to steal the big screen with her three different feature films. One thing that we noticed and couldn’t stop ourselves to praise, is her different looks. Doing three different movies at the same time is not an easy task but Urwa has proved that nothing is impossible.

Her upcoming movie Punjab Nahi Jaungi is all set to release in September and she’s playing a role of a Punjabi girl, with patiyala shalwars and short shirts, she looks absolutely gorgeous. Then her next movie Rangreeza which is going to be released in December, has a very different feel. Her thirst movie Na Maloom Afraad 2, is still in the shooting process and she has just returned from Cape Town after completing the first spell of the shoot.

We must appreciate her for putting in a lot of effort for her diversified looks and appearance and to shoot day and night for three films in a row. Urwa you are surely a supergirl – go ace it!


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