24-7 Lak Hilna – What went wrong?

lak hilna

Urwa Hocane, one of the brilliant actresses who have proved her acting skills in Udaari and other prominent projects. Not only she can act but also dances well – no sarcasm!

The thing I’ve been noticing after her latest release Lak Hilna came out on social media, people and media are trying to label her as a  ‘Item Girl’. Excuse me? A lady who is acting in the movie and has a pivotal role and is dancing on a wedding song (not an item number) is being accused as a bad dancer? If a film doesn’t do well who is responsible? The whole crew right! Then why just she is being blamed for not dancing well? Too many questions but no answer!

First of all, if a filmmaker is shooting a dance number then the most important part is to make the actress comfortable, be it for her moves or clothes. Who has noticed Urwa’s not so comfortable dress? And asked her to dance freely. It is absolutely silly to compare a wedding song with a proper item number (we all loved the way Sadaf has danced). Secondly, it is the choreographer’s responsibility to see if the steps are being imitated well by the actress or not. Anyway, it is really easy to defame and put a question mark on anybody but it surely is really difficult to understand the hard work which our artists put for a particular project.



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