5 Eid Moments That’ll Make You Scream “CAAKEEE”

The season of festivity is within our sight and we can’t help but look forward to spending it with our loved ones while shamelessly giving in to the sugary temptations that surround us.

Just like the rest of us, these photographers are no different which is why they have shared with us some tempting Eid moments that are sure to be cake-worthy!

1.  For Instance, Waking Up for Breakfast with Your Loved Ones
Photo Courtesy: Sherveen Ali (food-o-shoot)

We’ve all heard of the early bird getting the worm or in this case, getting the cake. The only time its worth waking up early, is for that perfect first slice of cake which you get to share with your loved ones.

2.  How About When Your Cousins Come Over for a Mandatory Eid Visit!
Photo Courtesy: Syed Kumail (Camerawala)

The perfect excuse to justify eating an obscene amount of cake, is when you’re with cousins. Pair that up with a hot cup of chai and life’s good.

3.  Or When You Get Rescued By Your Friends for a Last Moment Eid Getaway

Want to know the perfect remedy for the headache that you get from the tedious dawats and never ending small talk with relatives? Its sneaking out with your friends and licking the frosting off a cake. Yum!

Photo Courtesy: Girlgottaeat

4.  And When You Come Back Home, the Elders Have Gathered and It’s Time for Some EIDI!
Photo Courtesy: Syed Kumail (Camerawala)

Getting to spend time with your elders may be awesome, but add to that the sweetness of ferrero rocher cake and we’ve created our own private little heaven on Earth.

5.  Simply Put, All Eid Moments and Cake Go Hand in Hand
Photo Courtesy : Sherveen Ali (food-o-shoot)

The best combinations are simple and sweet, making Eid and cake a match made in heaven. Plus, everyone knows calories don’t count on Eid!

Happy binging!

*All the tempting cakes in this article are courtesy of Delizia PK.