Aamir Khan’s Strict Dad Mode On, But Why?


Dad will be dad no matter what! Strong or weak, normal man or a celebrity, he is the one who keeps a strict eye on his children religiously without letting them know and pretending to be unaware of things mother coverup for them. It’s good to see when celebrities show their concern about their kids and this is exactly what our Mr. Perfectionist from B-town, Aamir Khan is practicing for his children.

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Aamir Khan has turned his strict dad mode on as his only daughter Ira Khan is all grown up and looking forward to a chill and restriction free lifestyle. Ira is all set for a vacation trip to Europe but here comes the twist, Dad Aamir has made it compulsory for her to call after every 4 hours, every single day. Now that is some serious rule, hope she doesn’t forget to call him. Aamir also asked her to submit the information of all the friends going on a trip to which she didn’t reply positively, but girl you gotta do what your dad asked you to. You can’t even argue unless you want this trip to be cancelled, LOL!

Anyhow! Good luck for the trip and hope you don’t forget to call your father on time, x0x0!

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