Adnan Sami has lost fat as well as his brains

Adnan Sami has lost fat as well as his brains

Adnan Sami, who was granted Indian citizenship in December 2016, received backlash from his former nation Pakistan for the act.

The singer who joined the slew of celebrities who uninstalled the app was severely trolled by the Pakistanis who clearly haven’t forgiven Adnan Sami for his choice of Indian citizenship.

Here’s how it boiled down for Adnan Sami.

Being a coming from Khan whose father was a Pakistani diplomat and who lived most of his life here and got his career from Pakistan, it’s strange to see how inferior Adnan has considered himself that he have resorted to such low shots.

I believe celebrities, being role models for so many people have an extra duty to not give in to warmongering and hatred, However, Adnan is happy supporting his beloved country and has no interest in what’s going in his former nation and its people but he is very much concerned on how the heck snapchat CEO calls India a poor country!


Fareeha Imdad

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