After Every Fall, He Rose – SHAH

Why are we so selfish? Why do we forget our champions? Why can’t we remember those who played a part to create history? A homeless orphan with no expectations from life, changed his own fate by fighting selflessly to get himself out of the streets, unknowingly blew the whistle of Pakistan all over the world and dedicated his pride and honour to Pakistan, but what Pakistan did to him?Simply, made him stand in the line of the unsung.

Syed Hussain Shah – A name, an honour, a pride for Pakistan is a subject from history which was founded and showed to our generation by Adnan Sarwar. I know I am almost a year late to say all this but, it’s history we are talking about, it’s Syed Hussain Shah we are talking about. Shah’s biography was beautifully written, elaborated and filmed to show how much he suffered, how he succeeded and how did he survive the unjust but his passion for boxing never ended. It’s since forever that such heroes in our country never got what they always deserved.


It is a biopic for all but Shah’s appeal for his rights was simply heart-wrenching and had me in tears. He was a simple man, he should have been treated well. It’s not only about him, it’s about all the people who had played a small part in creating history and contributed a little to make this country grow, everyone single person should be acknowledged.

I would like to thank Adnan Sarwar for choosing Syed Hussain Shah to make a biopic on. He is a legend and such legends should be celebrated. I just want to end this article by encouraging everyone to celebrate these unsung heroes, they need our attention, they deserve some respect.

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