Ahsan Khan disappointed with Yasir’s rapist comment

Ahsan Khan disappointed with Yasir's rapist comment

Every other person felt that Yasir’s statement related to child molestation in HUM Awards show was disappointing and was not a topic to make fun of. His statements spread like fire on social media and everyone started commenting in a negative way.

Yasir later realized his mistake and apologized on social media for his statements but just now Ahsan Khan came forward and shared what he actually think about this entire scenario. Ahsan Khan said, “I’m very, very disappointed in Yasir’s tasteless comment. I really do not want to associate myself with this cheap joke in any way, But what are you going to say to all those people who actually laughed at this joke? There’s a problem with our mentality and that’s what we need to work on.”

But he went further and said that we should always give people another chance and allow a margin of error. “He’s given an apology and I think we should give him a chance. Sometimes people say things in the spur of the moment and there’s a lot of pressure on stars when they’re standing on such a huge stage and speaking to so many people. I do want to say that he doesn’t need to apologize to me though; he needs to apologize to the society because I’m speaking on their behalf.”

Actors like Yasir should think twice before making such comments on serious topics. Be careful while trying to crack a joke. People here are very sensitive about such topics, be.

Ahsan concluded that while Yasir’s comment is disappointing, it does not overshadow the work Udaari team has already done. “One statement doesn’t change anything. We’ve brought the issue of child abuse to the limelight and I personally will work on bringing such social issues forward.”


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