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Ali Zafar demands children’s protection after a cleric beats 9-year-old to death

Brutality and unwanted advances against minors have become a major problem in our society. As the country awaits the court’s decision for Zainab’s rapist, there are issues relating to child abuse (of any form) that need to be addressed.

After a nine year old child was brutally beaten to his death by the madrassah cleric in Karachi, Ali Zafar took to his social media to raise a valid concern on this sensitive issue.

Ali Zafar tweeted:  “9 yr old Hussain passed away after being severely beaten by his madrasah maulvi. We demand a complete and cohesive plan from the state to protect our children from this culture & such monsters. Enough is enough!”

The good news is that Chief Minister’s Special Monitoring Unit (SMU) made an urgent response to the plight and announced important measures being taken for the protection of children in response to Ali Zafar’s statement:

Ali Zafar appreciated the measures being taken and emphasized on developing methods for proper evaluation of the teachers before they are allowed anywhere near chilren.

He responded: “Appreciate it. I feel cc cameras need be installed in all madrasahs. Their curriculum, teachers and conducts to be monitored by the government. Awareness campaigns on child abuse behaviour. Anyone to teach should be tested for qualification and appointed.”

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