Alyzeh Gabol to make a cameo apperance in the film Rangreza

Alyzeh Gabol to make a cameo apperance in the film Rangreza

While models are often criticized for not knowing how to express themselves as actors, She has proved her skills from time and again.

Alyzeh has always been audiences’ favorite and this time around the other actress will be seen Rangreza. The actress will be seen making a cameo appearance in the film. Yes, you read that right! The face of a number of popular brands, Rangreza will not only mark Gabol’s cinematic debut, but will also be her first acting endeavor.

“I’m great friends with Urwa and Bilal, so when I was offered this part by the director (Aamir Mohiuddin), I knew it would’ve been a great team to work with and a fun affair,” she told HIP of how she was approached for the part and what made her take it up.

Rangreza has been written by Akhtar Qayoom and the movie highlights the contrast between classical and contemporary music in the form of a love triangle. It is all set to hit theatres nationwide on 21 December 2017 and we can barely wait to see what all it has to offer.


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