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Are smoothies healthy?

Whenever someone thinks of a healthy lifestyle, the word smoothie comes to their mind but in reality sometimes we end up making such dense smoothies that are double the calories you intake on a daily basis, as we don’t take track of the ingredients you’re putting.

Secondly, another wrong concept people tend to have is that you can use as many fruits you can, this isn’t right, some days it’s okay but your body needs other nutrients too!!

Here is a basic chart as to what can you add to your smoothie, the perfect amount!!

  • Always have a base

It can be a handful of spinach, oats, or give it a creamy base.

  • Sweetener

As a sweetener, you can use honey, dates, peanut butter.

  • Fruits/vegetables

One cup of mix fruits/vegetables or just frozen fruits

  • Liquid:

Water, yogurt or milk.

Here is all you need to know about your smoothie, make one right now and enjoy!!


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