Atiqa Odho comes out in favor of Pakistani artists

The world is open to our film industry and our film industry is open to talents from around the world especially cross border. Our Pakistani artists are people who talk about love and peace.

Recently Pakistani actress and the founder of her own cosmetics brand, Atiqa Odho, supported Paksitani artists specially Fawad and Mahira who are currently working in India and are caught up with all the melodrama.

Dear Fawad & Mahira, I am sorry you are caught in the middle of a strange and sad sentiment in India. Both of you are beautiful, smart, talented artists and need to be respected as such. Mixing you both up in the middle of a supposed fight against terrorism is just plain ridiculous. I don’t understand how trying to stop artists like you two from working in India is the solution to India’s massive internal problems. It seems this smoke screen shall fail and India shall have to find another way to keep up the Incredible India facade. I wish you both all the best and would like to tell you in this difficult hour that we in Pakistan stand by our talent and will support them in the difficult times as always. Pakistan has many of its own challenges currently and trying to solve them by banning Naseeruddin Shah or Om Puri from working in our projects would not be the solution. In fact, it would become part of the problem.”-Atiqa Odho

I believe artists should joined hands together against extremism that plagues both the nations alike, there is a larger situation here and it has nothing to do with banning talent. I hope artists realize this and steer their efforts towards making art, not war!


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