Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo are very connected

The Bachelorette EXCLUSIVE! Rachel Lindsay opens up about how she knew Bryan Abasolo was “the one” despite her love for Peter Kraus

The leading lady of Rachel Lindsay, has chosen her man. Only, she didn’t really “choose” him. She was more just lumped with him whether she liked it or not because one of the two fellas in the finale kind of eliminated himself before the final rose ceremony.

It was a world first and it’s the kind of exciting yet totally underwhelming ending we hope for with our local version of the reality franchise. Just hours ahead of the final rose ceremony, Kraus dropped his commitment-phobic bomb on Lindsay during their last date — telling her he could not propose at the end of the series.

“I don’t think that I’m ready to ask you to marry me tomorrow,” Kraus told Lindsay. “But I don’t want to stop being with you.”

“My biggest fear is saying goodbye to somebody I’m not to say goodbye to,” Lindsay said, fighting tears. “I just feel like I’m making a big mistake.”

Kraus’ dismissal happened two-thirds of the way through the three-hour finale and resulted in the rather obvious ending of Lindsay “choosing” chiropractor Bryan Abasolo — i.e. the remaining guy who was willing to propose. Amid the frustration and confusion with Kraus, Lindsay was certain she has found her soulmate in Abasolo, sealing the engagement with a kiss. As they were reunited in real life in a live television special as part of the finale, Abasolo reproposed. And it seems runner-up Kraus doesn’t regret his decision, admitting in a live chat during the finale that he just “couldn’t get to that same point as (Lindsay) at that time”.

While Lindsay is totally thrilled with her happy ending, fans of the series are not — with many feeling she was forced to “settle” with Abasolo.


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