Is Bollywood singer “Shaan” leaving industry?

Bolywood singer Shaan is one of the fine singers. It has been a long time he hasn’t been seen on the screen and rumors has it that he has quit singing but recently he has revealed in an interview that he has unshakable faith in himself and he isn’t leaving the Indian music industry anytime soon.

Shaan said: “I don’t think there is competition in music. It’s all about co-existing, finding your own space and evolving. I do have a strong belief in myself, and that is important. I believe that I can compete with any new [artist]… Even if it’s Arijit [Singh]. That is my opinion about myself. I’m allowed that much. The day I feel I can’t do this anymore and that people are miles ahead of me, then I will be the first one to leave. I’m composing new material. I’m starting my own YouTube channel. I’m getting a little proactive now.”


FHM Pakistan

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