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JUST IN: Buckingham Palace has planned a ‘secret code word’ for Queen Elizabeth’s death

Queen Elizabeth II is alive, fit and healthy; we all have seen her reining over the Great Britain since years’ and years’ and still she as good as new. Though she is currently alive, Buckingham Palace has already charted out a plan that would be executed upon her death. A code word has already been decided, which will be sent and called upon by the highest tiers of government.

Queen Elizabeth II’s demise would be spread among the highest concerns with the code word “London Bridge is down”. It has been stated that the Prime Minister would immediately be woken up, if not already, and would be alerted by the civil servants that “London Brigade Is Down”.

As soon as the words will be spread among the elite, Operation London Brigade will be carried out. The operation is a highly organized set of arrangements which will be held to prepare for the funeral of Queen.

Soon after, the Foreign Office’s Global Response Centre, situated at an unrevealed location in London, will instantly inform 15 other government headed by the Queen outside of the UK.

A footman in mourning clothes will be sent out to the door at Buckingham Palace to pin a notice, while news channels will break the news that they have allegedly been rehearsing for years.

A footman in mourning clothes will be sent out of the door at Buckingham Palace at the same time to pin a notice of the news to the gates, while the official palace website will feature just one page, revealing the news on a dark background.

In the end, a full coverage of the longest-reigning monarch, who will step down as patron of a number of organisations and charities before her 91st birthday in April, will dominate the news for weeks and months.

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