Cricket fan Sarim Akhtar speaks on disappointment memes

This world cup social media was flooded by a picture of a person with ‘shocked’ expression wide writ on his face.

The man’s picture came to the fore during a World Cup match and was used across the social media landscapes to epitomize the sentiments of shock, disappointment and sadness.

He, Sarim Akhtar, is a Pakistani British citizen. Sarim introduces himself at Twitter as ‘a cricket fan and The Meme Guy.’

Akhtar climbed the ladder of fame on social media through his single picture with resentful and disappointed face, while he was standing along with other spectators at the stadium, watching a World Cup match between Australia and Pakistan.

“I was extremely disappointed when Asif Ali dropped David Warner’s catch,” Sarim told Geo News. “It was such an easy catch that Asif Ali missed.”

Sarim said he was extremely disappointed when Asif Ali lost the chance to send Warner back to pavilion. “I felt as though the ball was coming to me. I was standing near Asif. He slipped the ball from his hands in front of my eyes,” the cricket fan told.

He said the moment was extremely disappointing to me as Warner was playing very well.

The mood I voiced was seen on the face of every single Pakistani after we lost to India, he said. India is a very strong team as there are a lot of match winning players, said Sarim. In fact, we have average players in the Pakistan team, he noted.

However, the team has proved that they may turn around if they play like a unit, he said, adding every single player will have to perform. “We have proved the same in a clash against England,” he pointed out.

Sarim also reacted to Pakistan skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed yawning in an important match against India. Yawning by him is wholly unacceptable as he is the captain of our team, said the cricket fan.

He said his family is very happy after he won social media fame. My cousins are very happy and they share with me whenever they receive a meme, he said.

It seems difficult for the Green Shirts to make it to the semi-final but, the team is capable to turn the tables, he added.

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