Dishoom banned in Pakistan! But why?

Pakistan has reportedly banned John Abraham and Varun Dhawan movie Dishoom.

Dishoom deals with the kidnapping of an Indian cricketer just 36 hours before the final match between Pakistan and India. The movie revolves around India’s top batsman, who goes missing in the Middle East.

According to the movie actors the film does not show any country in a bad light but as the trailer released, eyebrows were raised on the other side of the border.

Dishoom is not only banned in Pakistan but it is banned in other Gulf States as well, Looks like the film has got into some serious censor troubles.

According to our sources the movie has been banned in all the cinemas of Pakistan, however, according to them they have no valid explanation as to why. They have stopped its show-time as per the demand of the Pakistan Censor board.


Fareeha Imdad

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