Ever tried Vanilla flavor in your main cuisine? No, then Vanille Salée is a must try!

Movenpick hotel karachi

What is the first thing which comes in your mind when you hear the word Vanilla? Ice-cream or Shake? And just to break the stereotypes, Mövenpick Hotel has taken a unique initiative to take its culinary expertise to new heights, serving five vanilla-inspired dishes.

Mövenpick Hotel Karachi has rolled out its new vanilla-inspired menu at La Mamma, the Italian Restaurant. The diners can sample the innovative ‘Vanille Salée’ promotion from February 21st to March 21st, 2017. Comprising five one-of-a-kind vanilla-enhanced dishes, the concept is to highlight Vanilla spice as the star of each dish.

Traditionally used for desserts, vanilla produces exciting results when added to hearty savoury dishes: its mild flavour harmonises to surprising perfection with white meats and fish. Subtly reinforcing roasting aromas and herbal scents, vanilla also transforms staple savoury ingredients with an unexpected touch of the exotic.

Movenpick hotel karachi
White onions velouté (soup)

This exceptional taste experience has been encapsulated in five savoury vanilla creations, championing the queen of spices at the hotel by Chef de cuisine Tanveer Hussain.

Movenpick hotel karachi
Goat cheese and figs salad

The tempting entrées include “White onions velouté” (soup), “Sashimi of tuna and salmon” and “Goat cheese and figs salad”, while the main course menu features “Pike fish fillet and endive” and “Veal tenderloin jardinière”.

Movenpick hotel karachi
Pike fish fillet and endive
Movenpick hotel karachi
Veal tenderloin jardinière
Movenpick hotel karachi
Sashimi of tuna and salmon

These culinary creations have been concocted by our talented Director of Food & Beverage Europe, Thomas Hollenstein, who has set out to surprise our guests with this interesting mix of flavours,” said Mirza Mansoor, General Manager, Mövenpick Hotel Karachi.


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