Farooq Rind to direct serials with Moomal Entertainment

Moomal entertainment is not just a production house but is a power house for all the celebrities. The serials that they produce are not only based on stories but they create a strong impact on the viewers too.

Farooq Rind, a veteran director has joined the production house, which means we can expect sheer perfection and entertainment at the same time. “Farooq Rind has had an amazing history with Hum TV and has worked with the channel in amazing capacity before and now joining Moomal Entertainment as a Director office in stature, we’re expecting Farooq Rind to helm some of the most amazing projects in the history of television with the production house,” shared Rafay, managing partner at moomal entertainment. “Directors have always been participating with production houses and focusing on amazing projects but we hope, with this partnership we will be pushing something of high production and entertainment values towards the masses.” (Source HIP)

Well, with the ongoing strategy, moomal will definitely create master pieces like previous years!

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