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5 everyday makeup products that can fix your day & mood

By: Sanabeel Shoaib

Women, nowadays, throughout the world, seem to be obsessed with makeup and can’t imagine their life without it. Having a bad day? Glam yourself up and watch how your self confidence goes from 0 to 100.  Every person has different choices in makeup looks, as some prefer soft glam while others are big fans of fully dolled up face.

However, there are a few products which makes my skin look flawless either for an everyday look or even a heavy makeup look. These products can be used differently to create what you want based on its quantity. They have done wonders for me so I’m going to share it with you all, hope it works for you as well.  Here are 5 everyday makeup products that work for me.

  1. Concealer

Who would want to step out of the house with dark circles and eye bags? I know I wouldn’t. ThankGod for concealer, one of the products which is definitely a must for me before heading out. It makes you look fresh and more confident about yourselves than ever.

  1. Mascara

Look popping with those curly eyelashes, your eyes are definitely incomplete with a little bit of black and bold mascara, helping you make your way through the crowd.

  1. Blush

Pink and peachy blush is all you need to complete your basic makeup look, not too flashy and not to subtle, somewhere in between.

  1. Setting Spray/Powder

In this heat, you wouldn’t want you makeup to melt away. Setting spray or powder is a MUST, when I say must, I mean it. Brush your face off with loose powder before stepping out and youre good to go.

  1. Lipstick

The last one but the most important and definitely my favorite, lipstick, whether be it a nude shade for a lunch date or bright red lips for a girls night out, this product is definitely the cherry on top.

These products are definitely my go to and you’ll always find them in my bag. They have never failed to make me look beautiful and more confident about myself, I hope it helps you the way it helped me!

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