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Tired of Hair fall and unhealthy hair?

Yes, I know we all are ashamed to drop our hair in someone’s car or home but what can we do because hair fall is so difficult to stop! Well, not anymore if you follow these tips and keep your hair healthy.

I had crazy hair fall this entire season of winters and fall, every time I used to comb my hair I had to accept the fact that half my head is going to get bald. It did, yes. I could not do any hairstyles, a complete no to using any hair equipment because they would just damage my hair more. It frustrated me to an extent where I gave up.


My mother out of worry, started to oil my hair everyday and yes it helped, not completely but pretty much. Then after visiting doctors, and surfing internet for days and days, I did this home remedy of mixing Mayonnaise with egg and kept it on as a hair mask for good 3 hours. It helped! This made my hair very smooth, silky, and straight and yes, no hair fall. I do this hair mask once a month; alongside oil my hair with a mixture of castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil at least twice a week.

Apart from this, I don’t let my hair soak itself into oil for more than 5 hours. I prefer using Johnson’s baby shampoo to wash it off and also use its no tangle conditioner later on. The results are amazing and I do not face hair fall at all.

For the reference of the correct products, I have attached pictures. I hope it works on you the same way it does for me.

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