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Kylie Skin products finally debuts, and they’re surprisingly affordable

Kyile jenner shocked us all when she revealed she is dropping a skin care line, and finally we know what are the products we are getting.

Kyile skin posted the first hint of the skin care range, first of the bottom of a bottle of Foaming Face Wash, surrounded by lather and with the simple caption “first step.”  At the time, it seemed Jenner might be launching only a cleanser at first, or perhaps she would be revealing only a little bit of each product.But then, the entire group of initial offerings was revealed on Saturday evening.

A very pink collection of six products being introduced,looks kind of like strawberry Nesquik was posted, along with the caption “the skin set introducing Kylie’s skincare essentials and your new skincare routine: foaming face wash, walnut face scrub, vanilla milk toner, face moisturiser, vitamin c serum and eye cream. the end goal? beautiful, glowy, healthy skin.” Calling it “the skin set” seems to imply that the products will be available as a bundle, and the next post confirms both that and the individual prices.

The pricing range for product is Foaming Face Wash will be $24, the Walnut Face Scrub will be $22, the Vanilla Milk Toner will be $22, the Vitamin C Serum will be $28, the Face Moisturiser will be $24, the Eye Cream will be $20, and the full set goes for $125.

Fans have mixed reviews about the products, ingredients and products pricing range. We cannot wait to see what other products she has got under belt, but for now it looks great.

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