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Sisterhood of the Travelling Passport: Top 5 Safest Destinations for Girls


Thinking of a cray cray vacay, pretties? Going solo? Just with your best gals?


We have got to say, that is a boss move. The good news is, there are many people who are debunking old norms and eager to join your clique. Travelling is no more confined to those all-holds-barred family trips, obvious honeymoons and boring business trips for men(only). A lot of independent girls are looking into taking vacations alone to unwind and chill. The rest of them are checking out twin-sharing deals with their sorority gals.

Before we get excited, let’s take a good look at the best and worst destinations for solo/unchaperoned female travelers, for security and safety reasons.


5 Not-So-Safe Destinations

Eastern Europe

Okay, we are not trying to defame or stigmatize this region and we are definitely not trying to bring in a socioeconomic and political viewpoint, but you’ve got to understand that Eastern Europe is not exactly what we consider EUROPE…

We aren’t prejudiced. It is exquisite and some places look like they came right out of a fairy tale. However, Eastern Europe tops the list  because for us Pakistanis, it is very easy to get lured by the relatively cheap travelling costs, beautiful monuments, scenic landscapes and the word EUROPE lingering somewhere to add to our Instagram sass..

Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Slovakia and Romania are some countries that come under this Bloc.



South Africa

South Africa has some very intriguing places and the costs of travelling will be low relatively. However, travelling solo or with gal pals will be very risky business in South Africa. It has topped many polls and has been deemed very unsafe for women travelling alone.




Egypt is full of history and culture and there is a mystery about the pyramids which never ceases to make us curious. The problem with this beautiful destination is that for most Egyptians, solo female travelers might be a little unfathomable. Secondly, North Sinai is a big no-no and staying away from the borders will be very wise. What is wiser? Pick a safer place.





Thailand to Pakistani budget-travelers is next-in-line to the throne after Dubai. It is within the reach of anyone who wants to travel outside the country and it seems like a great option because of its beautiful beaches, private pools, illimitable shopping options and competitive currency exchange rates.

The problem is, it is not a safe place for girls to travel alone. Period. Female kidnapping and trafficking is actually prevalent there and this is not just a myth. Then there are those dark alleys you wouldn’t want to go down for obvious reasons. Unless you’ve lived there, you won’t know which ones to steer clear from and if you can’t feel free to travel without being paranoid, what is the point?



Mexico won’t be all suns, salsas and hats. If you have seen any Hollywood flicks about the underworld, you’ve probably seen Mexico play a big part in them. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful country with kind and cultured people, but if you are travelling alone or with your girls, this is not going to be your wisest choice.



5 Safest Destinations for a Soirée

– Abroad!


Thanks to Woody Allen’s Oscar-winning Vicky, Christina Barcelona, Spain reminds us of two gal pals who traveled together to get away from the hustle bustle of the American dream. Spain is purposefully rich in heritage and culture. Balmy evenings, folk music, culinary perfection and garden bistros will transport you into another dimension all together. It has been rated as one of the top most safe destinations for female travelers in 2019.




Contrary to popular desi belief, Switzerland is not just a honeymoon destination. Remove all doubt from your minds. It is one of the safest places for girls to travel alone or in groups without families. The Swiss culture is very familial and welcoming. If you want to see the most awe-inspiring lakes/beaches and snow capped mountain tops at their finest in one country, Switzerland is your best bet. The Swiss Alps, Black Forest cakes, chocolates, goat milk cheese and plush green meadows will make you wonder if you’ve died and come to heaven already, safely!




This one has quickly spiraled upwards and become a hot favorite because of its modern architecture, natural beauty, food and shopping malls. Sing-a-poor can leave you feeling a little poor if you don’t manage your trip well, however. This small city-state can be big on your pockets which is why it is one of the most expensive travelling destinations now. The good news is, it is also one of the safest destinations for female travelers.




Austria has to be our favorite. This country surpasses many other lands in beauty and is still an underdog which is kind of a good thing because you get the feeling of being an explorer then. You will pretty much feel like Columbus here. It has some of the most gorgeous landscapes and natural beauty in all of Europe that many people don’t talk about. It is considered to be safe for solo female travelers or girls travelling in groups. For those of you looking for peace and tranquility, Austria is the place to be!




The maple leaf is what you need if you want to roam the streets of an extremely safe, first-world, developed country but also enjoy the rawness of historical arts and architectural heritage. This country, although known for its modernism and now also for its handsome prime minister Trudeau, was actually a French colonial region and has a lot of European flair. The Niagara Waterfalls are all of Canada’s treasure and the warm and welcoming mixed ethnic communities make solo travelling for girls a great experience.

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