Fawzia Mirza & Shabana Azmi Breaking The Stereotype For Pakistani Film Goers


We all know the bold and unconventional side of Shabana Azmi, which does not need any introduction. In 1996, she played a lesbian character in Deepa Mehta’s Fire, which got her into critiques but also got her the much deserved fame. Once again after 20 years veteran actress Shabana Azmi is all set to play a character of a mother to a Lesbian teenage girl in Pakistani director Fawzia Mirza’s film, ‘Signature Move’.

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The character of a lesbian teenager will be played by Fawzia herself. Shabana’s character will be of a mother who is unaware of her daughter’s sexual orientation, who is in a relationship with a Mexican girl.

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The film is currently in the process of shooting in Chicago, and supposedly will be the autobiography. Though I am sure censor board will never pass this movie to be played in our cinemas but, Kudos to Fawzia Mirza for being blunt about who she is and how she is going to portray her love for films by Signature Move.


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