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Royalty 101: 4 Rules to Follow If You Want To Look Like The Duchess

More than eight years ago, when the Duke of Cambridge, better known as Prince William decided to take his vows and present the beautiful Kate Middleton as the Duchess of Cambridge, we were singing praises. Their relationship prior to the marriage, which is reportedly just a little less than a decade long, encouraged the media to coin an atrociously derogatory term ‘Waity Kaitie’.

All we can say is, we are totally waiting on the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton to make her first royal visit to Pakistan, from October 14th to 18th this year! We are going all ‘Waity-Katie’ here, actually.

With Britain’s top notch people in the beauty business waiting on the Windsor-Mountbatten family hand and foot, she decided to do her own make-up at the globally televised royal wedding. We are so inspired that we have created a list of four ways to look as royal as she does, or at least try to.


The Duchess rarely experiments with her hair and miraculously keeps her blowouts looking very low-maintenance and yet put together. When she does experiment, she plays with sculpted chignons and low-rise pony-tails.

Take care of your hair by oiling it once a week at least.
Make sure your hair is trimmed and your hair cut is on point. You don’t have to go to a fancy shmancy stylist because the Duchess never really has elaborate haircuts anyway.
The length of your hair should be medium, preferably. Hair that is too long will always look more boho and less ‘put-together’ and hair that’s too short can give off a very un-Duchess impression.

Conservative Dressing

Kate Middleton, although not so much in her college days, dresses quiet conservatively and eschews showing skin or otherwise wearing outfits that leave little to the imagination. She has become an epitome of elegance and grace. Mostly seen in subdued neutrals and solids, she is seldom seen wearing prints and outfits considered too cutting-edge.

Go for the pastel palette and try not to get any new items with prints unless maybe an item or two with polka dots and stripes. Also, denim is not favoured by the royals and nor are wedge heels.

Always keep an all-white or all-black outfit in event something tragic happens. It’s never elegant to wear ‘happy’ clothing or lots of perfumes to, for instance, a funeral. One should always, always be prepared like the royals are.

Minimal Make Up

If there is one thing Kate Middleton wasn’t guilty of even during her college days, it’s too much make up. If you love following eccentric make up trends, you should seriously reconsider this. The Duchess did her own make up even on her wedding day!

Although she dares to wear red nail colour on her toenails sometimes, the royal code for manicures includes a nail colour in nude shades. A royal favourite is Essie’s Ballet Slippers.

Use make up that doesn’t cake. Kate Middleton is not known to look like a walking-talking pastry. Instead, her face looks natural but not unkempt; her eye brows are not too ‘done’ but definitely plucked, her lips are usually a natural shade of pale pink/peach and her blush is not very prominent either.


As it’s said, a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. You will seldom see Kate Middleton not smiling when she’s out for public appearances. Smile a lot. No, it doesn’t give your wrinkles, but it does give you a personality beyond all your physical efforts to look royal.

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