Here is what ‘Feminism’ means to this stunning Pakistani actress

Here is what 'Feminism' means to this stunning Pakistani actress

Feminism has become the latest trend to debate over, be it Pakistan or rest of the world. While some group together in its favour, others are arguing over being too much of “feminists” when it comes to cross gender discussion. But Pakistani actress Saba Qamar, who has become all the rage these days has something quite pointing to say.

Just recently, at LUX Style Awards, different actors and actresses were asked about their take on Feminism. While, gentlemen like Kamiar Rokni and Ali Zafar had appealing things to say, ace-actress Sanam Saeed and designer Shehla Chatoor failed to impress.

Sanam Saeed said feminism is “overrated” while Shehla Chatoor stated that she doesn’t believe in feminism.

In response to these replies, Saba Qamar had a befitting answer:

“Do these women know what feminism is?”

“Feminism is a responsibility. Being a feminist is a whole lot of responsibility in the form of mother, a sister, a worker as well as dealing with society. I have to promote my film, go for shooting, look after my household and also face the government officials for tax related affairs. It’s a kind of sacrifice for women. A woman is strong enough to deal with all of this.”

Qamar has always worked for empowerment, be it for women or for this society in general. She always prefer roles that make an impact and are teachings for all. This time, with Hindi Medium, she is on a journey to end the class prejudice and want among the people.

More power to you Saba! Keep speaking on the controversial topics, on which most of the celebrities refrain from.


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