Festivals In Pakistan

Fesitivals are the beautiful celebration that causes a country to follow its qualities and culture. We celebrate various festivals to advance our way of life by sharing and updating the reasons of events tha took place. There are numerous fesitivals we celebrate in Pakistan. Notwithstanding, in the event that we look at past, there we less events that were commended than today. As the globalization has occurred numerous we have taken on many festival from the west.

On the off chance that we talk about the religion on which this Country was set up is Islam. As per our religion there are just two delightful festivals that are compulsory incldues, Eid ul fitr,and Eid ul azha. While, there are distinctive religion areas that follow numerous different festivals following their precursors. Here we will list not many of the rejuvenating festivals of pakistan that makes us glad and let us associate in that time of the year.

Eid ul Fitr

This lovely festivale is celebrating on 1st shawal, after the islamic month Ramadan. Individuals commend this eid by planning delectable food, as following the fasting month. This eid brings a ton of tones and everybody get ready new garments for this eid. In addition to the fact that pakistan is, muslim all around the world praise this celebration with full energy and satisfaction. This celebration helps us to be patient and show love and care to our other muslim siblings and sisters.

Eid Ul Azha

The celebration that trains us to forfeit for Allah. This fesitval has the sacred  islamic histroy related with it. This month increment our affection for all-powerful by reminding us why we have been shipped off this world, for example to adore all-powerful and sense the conciliatory feeling.


This celebration is commended nearly by all the reglious areas of Pakistan however in various ways. Muslim areas accept that at this promising night the previous deeds of muslims are considered and the fates for the following year is chosen. Many individuals do fire works, share sweet dishes with each other and offer  petitions for the evening.


This celebration is additionally celebrated by a portion of the strict areas notwithstanding, others put quick and do a ton of supplications at this occasion. Milad is praised at many puts for huge scope. As per a few sources this celebration is commended in light of the fact that numerous muslim accept that 12th of Rabi-ul-Awal is the birthday of Holy Propher (P.B.U.H), notwithstanding, it isn’t affirmed with the solid sources.

Shab e meraj

This is considered as one more honored night when Holy Prophet  (P.B.U.H) made a trip to skies to meet Almighty Allah. He was accompained by the heavenly messenger Jibreel. There were numerous other promise that occurred at this favored evening.

On the off chance that we see islamic history it is brimming with stunning stories that makes us solid muslim on the off chance that we follow  the genuine importance of them.

Festivals are extremely past and each nation ought to advance them in a sound manner initiating information to youthful age.

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