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A team of doctors dance to celebrate the recovery of COVID-19 patients

With all the gloom that has settled around the world in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, this particular team of doctors is finding light in the little – yet big – achievements, like the recovery of a patient in their ICU!

Nida Qadir, MD, an Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) researcher and an Intensivist at UCLA took to Twitter to share a fun TikTok video of her with her team putting together a simple choreography post the extubation of a critically-ill patient who recovered under their care.

Talk about super hero behaviour!

The video has managed to garner more than a thousand retweets and 9k likes since it was posted, and is a breathe of fresh air in a time when medical professionals’ woos are too loud to be ignored; it will make you think of the slight silver linings among the dark clouds that hover above the health care sector.

And what’s more, it is sure to put a smile on your face as you sulk in some corner of the house during this lockdown!

Enjoy some smiles during this grim time, and don’t forget to help out in any capacity that you can, and stay inside to help the health care workers fighting at the front lines against corona.

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