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Black Needle- The Game Changer

When we think about the trends that millennials are taking toward simplicity, I think it’s indicative of a cultural shift toward less of the ‘more is more’ for materialism sake and more of an emphasis on efficiency, value, and sustainability.

Black Needle is a newly launched brand that focuses on providing luxury high quality clothing without putting a hole in your pocket. The brand deals in custom tailored suiting, shirts, pants etc.

Expanding its product line with its ready to wear shirts the brand launched its amazing designs in incredibly low prices which is definitely a treat for all fashionistas. At an unbeatable price in the market, the purpose of this launch was to provide on the go customers to order any style of shirt they want. Apart from tailored suits as per requirement, Black Needle also works in B2B (business to business) mass production, known as Black Needle Textile.

Black Needle’s aim is to bring in new styles and patterns in the work place keeping formality in mind. Founder Ahad Shah does the designing of the suits and shirts of his clients himself, he spends 10-15 mins to get to know the client and then discusses ways in which the Client would be most satisfied in and what look would be best for him.

The trends we’re dying to keep up with were all started by someone somehow, who says we have to conform to another person’s idea of what is socially acceptable? We can’t all be fashion icons, and we shouldn’t lose our identity whenever a new style hits the market so book your appointment now with Black Needle and pump up your style game.

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