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#Breaking Stereotypes - Girls can also ride a bike!
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#Breaking Stereotypes – Girls can also ride a bike!


Larkian aur bike? In Pakistan, no one could have ever thought of it before but now, we girls are breaking stereotypes!

About 3 months ago, I was in a market with my uncle and he was telling me about this girl who came every day to pick up her younger brother from school which is right in front of his apartment. After a week I actually saw this girl who is probably in her early 20’s, she came confidently riding her motor bike, picked up her brother and left. I also noticed many people looking astoundingly at her and yes, I was one of them too!

A week ago, I saw another girl on her way to her institute riding a bike just as confidently. I don’t know why I felt so happy looking at that girl; I think it is because we girls are breaking the ‘stereotypes’ and the barrier between what a man can do and women cannot.

In Pakistan, we don’t have this trend of girls riding a bike; we always see it as a vehicle for males. But it certainly is not. Not everyone out there can afford a car and there are thousands of other problems, which make it necessary for a household to have its own vehicle, so they don’t have to ask for favours and wait for an auto or a bus in the time of emergency.

Why can’t girls ride a motor bike?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with girls riding a bike. There is nothing in the world that girls can’t do. These are just stereotypes that do not let us take a step forward, don’t let them stop you!


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