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Chris Pratt confirms the third instalment of Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is allegedly still happening — though no one can say exactly how, when, where, what or who.

The third installment to the Guardians franchise was put on hold in July 2018, when director and screenwriter James Gunn was fired from Disney, after a far-right group resurfaced a series of Gunn’s years-old offensive tweets. While the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy rallied in their support for Gunn, Disney stood by its decision. Vol. 3 was supposed to have a 2020 release date, and it has since been pushed to 2021, but it’s still on the release calendar.

Actor Chris Pratt has confirmed that the third instalment of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise will happen. During the Lego Movie 2 premiere, Pratt assured fans that the Marvel franchise, whose production was put on hold in 2018 after director James Gunn was fired for making insensitive and controversial jokes on Twitter, will definitely hit the screens, variety.com reported.

He said: “I promise there’ll be a third movie, I don’t know exactly what that’s going to look like, but I know everyone on board is just eager to give the fans what they want and wrap up a trilogy in a meaningful way. “We’re still circling the city of Jericho, I like to say,” added Pratt, who is known for his role of Star-Lord in the franchise.

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