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Crocodiles found covered in paan & gutka stains at Karachi Zoo spark outrage

Zoo and wildlife in Pakistan are being mistreated on almost a regular basis in most, if not all parts of Pakistan. Whether it is the illegal killing of Markhor or the mistreatment of tigers and lions by political parties, Pakistan has been witness to some of the worst cases of wildlife mistreatment.

Recently, an incident from Karachi Zoo sparked outrage from the public as a picture of two crocodiles covered in blood-red spots of paan and gutka went viral.

The photo was published by The News with the caption,

“A sorry sight: crocodiles soak up the sun at the Karachi Zoo after paan and gutka-using visitors spat on them, leaving their bodies with blood-red spots.”

Similar cases have been cropping up on social media where animals have been subjected to cruelty. The Islamabad Zoo has been in the news recently because of the poor condition of the animals there. People had raised awareness regarding the condition of the zoo’s elephant, Himalayan brown bear and marsh crocodile. Share your thoughts on how such incidents can be prevented and what should be done to deter culprits. Stay posted for more updates.

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