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If this doesn’t make you cry, we wonder what will!

While many brands play in the emotive territory to attract their audiences establish a humane connection in regard to their product’s truth, we saw one commercial which in a very pragmatist yet elusive manner penetrated through our thick skins.

Nestlé Fruita Vitals has always stood by its utmost belief – the need of positivity in today’s concrete jungle.

The plot is power-driven by relations that are falling apart and how Eid in its true essence is gifted to us post Ramazan to help our falling relationships give a reminder to sustain – we mean to each other more than we realize.

The story starts with the mother surprised by her older son’s visit back home, going forward she plays along to surprise her younger son as well. Here we see a reaction not as anticipated – the situation drifts to a younger brother who has felt the distance between him and his brother grew apart at many instances only to find out that his brothers has heard all his complains.

To make up, the older brother ensures that he uses the ceremonial three hugs to its best use – a hug meaning three things; apology, thank you and moving on!

Is any heart every so cold to not accept Eid hugs? The brother melts and accepts his older brother’s reasoning for not being as available!

Which is why we’d also like to suggest you to spread thoughtful Eid hugs to people who you owe to!

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