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ET And Elliott reunite in amazing new Sky advert

E.T. has returned home for Christmas. He has been reunited with Elliot – played by original actor Henry Thomas – for the first time in 37 years in an advert for Sky that, for once, trumps the annual John Lewis commercial.

In it, E.T. revisits Earth and finds that Elliot is grown up and has kids of his own. Cue the heartwarming tomfoolery the original 1982 movie is renowned for. Almost four decades later and both Elliott and the extra-terrestrial have settled down and had a family of their own. Yep, our hearts can’t handle it either. Sky’s incredible festive treat kicked off with Elliott’s kids, who found E.T. lurking in the garden behind a snowman. After letting out bloodcurdling screams, their concerned dad rushed out to help, but he quickly became overjoyed with happiness when he saw his long-lost pal standing right before him.

You came back?!’ he cried

After introducing him to his brood, Elliott welcomed E.T. indoors where he was schooled on virtual reality, the internet and of course, The Holiday. E.T. cuddled up on the sofa next to his mate’s little boy and smiled as he soaked up the atmosphere. But like all good things, his trip had to come to an end.

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