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Faysal Qureshi declares he will never work with Hum TV…. find out why!

Faysal Qureshi is one of the leading legends of Pakistan, and needs no introduction. So rather than beating about the bush, I will directly get to the point.

Faysal recently appeared in BOL Nights with Ahsan, where he gave his opinion on the Firdous Jamal and Mahira quarrel, he stated:

“He shouldn’t have attacked anyone’s age. He is a great actor  and amazing teacher. The afterwards reaction was disastrous. People must’ve point out his mistake but shouldn’t have stopped working with him.”

 “Comments were really harsh especially when people started using word ‘shame’.

Furthermore, he revealed why he has stopped working with Hum TV.

“I have stopped working with Hum TV and the reason is when in an award show they replaced seat of Badoo Apa with Fawad Khan. From that day I have stopped working with Hum TV.”

“Haven’t you noticed, how the front seats are fixed for certain people?

Fahad Mustafa, Humayun Saeed and many renowned actors were sitting behind and I couldn’t say anything on this. The biasness must be stopped and let the industry grow, connect the industry. BIASNESS MUST BE STOPPED, he emphasized.

Faysal made his stance very clear and expressed his displeasure with Hum TV.

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