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Feroze Khan gives the best reply to Mubashir Lucman for calling him ‘The worst actor of 2017’

Mubashir Lucman, the famous journalist decided to have a discussion on his show regarding the best and worst actors of 2017.

Along these lines, he appraised various celebrities in light of some legitimacy and he additionally evaluated mainstream on-screen character, Feroze Khan as a “worst actor of 2017”. All things considered, numerous famous people took completely notice of it while Feroze Khan, did not buy his feedback by any means.

Here is the clip of Mubashir Lucman:


While we fail to understand on what circumstances the journalist gave these names, but Feroze Khan was quick enough to give him a reply. He took to Twitter and wrote:


Let’s see what Danish Taimur and Osman Khalid Butt has have to say. Also Mahira Khan was in the list of worst actor! Imagine that…

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